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Thursday, August 29, 2002

My wife's family is making a booklet that tells about their grandmothers life. The children and grandchildren all have written spots telling of their memories of "Big Mamma". There is a little room left over in the planned booklet space and I was asked to contribute my thoughts. My spot is limited to three lines. Three Lines?? I'm feel honored to be asked, but how can I say what I feel in only three lines. This is what I've written trying to keep to the limit. Since it probably won't make it into the booklet whole I 'll put it here.

“You’re going to want some of those boiled potatoes,” Bev said. I don’t like boiled potatoes; to me they are a waste of one of my favorite vegetables. They’re bland and boring, no flavor. I took just enough to make Big see I had tried everything she had made for supper and then passed the bowl. I tasted one and immediately took the bowl back to pile more on. She wouldn’t tell me how she got so much wonderful meaty flavor all the way to the center of a boiled potato. I still don’t like boiled potatoes, just Big’s.

I learned that she could do that with everything. She brought a seasoning of wisdom to whatever she touched. I learned to listen with my full attention whenever she had something to tell me no matter how mundane the subject because I was afraid of what I might miss. She added such a wonderful flavor to my family. I wish I could have known her all my life.


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