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Monday, August 26, 2002

We've spent the entire weekend at the hospital. My wife's Grandmother is dying. It's just a matter of waiting. She woke up from all the pain medication last night to eat some chicken noodle soup and drink of few sips of buttermilk (one of her favorites). The amazing thing is that even at ninety, dying of a tumor related bowel obstruction, her kidneys shut down, a diabetic with inoperable heart disease, her mind is still very sharp. When she woke up she ask "what's goin on ? We told her about Louisville winning the Little League World series and she said "Imagine that". Then she talked with my son in law about the awful things going on overseas with the war on terrorism.

Die/Dying cease to exist; fade away. That is what the dictionary says, but I just don't see it. Instead it's like the Biblical example of strength revealed in weakness. Now when she is at her lowest, in the hearts of her family we find strength remembering what she taught us. We see the strength in her weakness, as she teaches us how a christian woman meets death. I don't feel glad that she's leaving us, there will be plenty of tears when it's finally over, but what I keep thinking is "oh my God, what a Life". After nine decades and all the things she has lived through and seen, she leaves as the supreme matriarch of the family, a treasure trove of wisdom and guidance that we know we will never see the likes of again. Amazing...simply amazing.


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