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Thursday, September 12, 2002

Time Away

I'm taking off work tomorrow. We are spending the weekend in Louisville to attend a wedding.

The site is slowly coming along. I did finally get the pictures working, but the software is a demo. The s will tell you so. I'm not happy with this editor anyway. We have been trying different ones out. Plus I'm going to resize the photo essay in Photoshop, maybe during our trip.

I should have worked on the site some tonight but the boys showed me how to play Neopets. This is nothing but a grand waste of time. I've set here for three hours doing nothing but playing stupid flash games and tomorrow I may waste a couple more before we leave. I am really good at the "Whack the Sloth" game! My Neopets name is Echomano. I have five books I am trying to get through, two sets of software I'm trying to learn, and I am no where satisfied with the site yet, but I can really get distracted by just about any computer game. My all time favorite was Final Fantasy X. I was heart broken when it was over.

What's your favorite waste of time?


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