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Monday, September 09, 2002

Weekend Fun

I had a fun weekend with the boys. We went to Six Flags in Louisville. The highlight was riding the Slingshot with Jason. The Slingshot is a steel ball they strap you into that is attached on both sides with bungy cords, which are attached to two 150-foot towers. These springs build up tension and you are shot a couple of hundred feet up into the air at 5g’s. All this time they are taping you on a video camera that’s right in your face. The better to pick up every stupid expression as you’re flipped end over end 150 feet up in the air.

Then we spent a couple of hours at Cart Country. It’s a Go-cart track that is over a mile long. Jason and I raced each other. Zack brought a church friend along and they raced each other. I had a flat once and almost took out this little girl putting along. I am sure her parents were really happy with me, but what are you going to do? Just so you’ll know, when you have a front left flat and you try to make a sharp left turn the art will slide dramatically off the track. Could be fun except for that dying thing.

Sunday I taught on the Biblical feasts in teen class. We were hung up while describing the Biblical calendar. Seems my class had never heard that Sunday was not the Sabbath before. Next week we have to finish Tabernacles and use the OT scriptures to show the date of the birth of Christ. Wish me luck, I only get thirty minutes if I am lucky.


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