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Saturday, October 12, 2002

Where I've been

Big Mamma died. It was the most beautiful service I have ever seen. Family brought in her handmade quilts and sewing. Pictures were everywhere. The family tree on poster board going all the way back to Daniel Boone's brother. A tape was played of her singing childrens songs and telling stories. I saw family laughing and crying at the same time. At the gravesite, a grand-daughter recited the final stanza of a poem that Big had known since the fourth grade.

At the same time we found out my wife needed surgery. That happened a few days after the funeral. it's been a hard couple of weeks.At one point I tried working on the blog photo page with a new editor and trashed the whole site. I lost all the archive files and if it hadn't been for backing up the original site it would have been gone too.

The youngest is back from a trip to Disney World with his cousins. We had
missed him badly. J, left alone, has made the coolest desktop ever for our
XP PC. It's all Apple OSX. He's used a bunch of emulators, tweaked and
prodded to make it work. It's really cool. I'll try to get him to show me
what he's done and I'll leave the links here.

The new photolog is now on the site. Tell me what you think. Another Time.


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