You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it. Robin Williams

Location: Kentucky, United States

Saturday, November 16, 2002

This is how it looks being wheeled from the emergency room to the X-ray department. I had the day off and was going to clean the deck off for the wife. I decided to burn this huge pile of junk in the backyard. It had rained just the day before so I figured I wouldn't have any problem, right? There was no wind blowing when I started trudging through the mud to the junk pile at the side of the woods. There was no wind blowing when I lit the fire containing two twin mattress sets we had thrown away a couple months ago. You know the term fire resistant? Thirteen feet of flame shot up from those mattress sets and THEN the wind started blowing. Hard. Into the woods. I am doing this rain dance knee deep in flame in my steel toe boots. My jacket is wrapped around my head trying to keep the flames off and the whole time I am breathing in mattress smoke. I did get the fire stomped out in the woods, but found out (again) that smoking is bad for you. The good news is the x-rays were clear. A nebulizer treatment later I'm sent home with a couple prescriptions to get the inflammation down in my lung and all is well. Yes; I do feel stupid, thank you.


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