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Monday, December 23, 2002

What I did over my weekend vacation

Spent the weekend in Louisville. The wife and I holed up in a little hotel. We left the boys at some friends for an all nighter LAN party. Let the fragging begin! Bev and I had dinner at a restaurant in the Highlands named "Steam". I kept referring to it as "Sweat". One of our youth kids plays Jazz piano in a five piece band there. It was a nice evening but we prefer a place more romantic with less crowd noise. The music and the food were both wonderful though. The next morning we slept in and then had lunch at Ditto's Grill. I had a grilled vegetable and goat cheese pizza which was much better than it may sound. We then spent the afternoon at Bev's sisters before seeing Rachel and Robby off to Columbus for Christmas at Robby's parents.

Back to work this morning and the weight of depression I've been under has lifted enough to look forward to the holidays. Even had the mental energy to finish my CEU's in one frenzied push to keep my respiratory license, yee hah!

Looking forward to tomorrow evening when we will open presents at home with the boys. Bev has to work Christmas eve night so this way she can sleep in before we go to my parents house Christmas afternoon.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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