You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it. Robin Williams

Location: Kentucky, United States

Friday, January 03, 2003

Richard Brautigan


I was dive-bombing the lower

emotions on a typical yesterday


I had sworn never to do it again.

I guess never's too long a time to stay

out of the cockpit

with the wind screaming down the wings

and the target almost praying itself into your


August 30

Richard Brautigan

I first read this poet while in high school. To me this guys work is like the old saying about wine or art: you should buy what you like and not worry what others think. I love his poems. Very short, sometimes shocking, but what he says is always very clear, almost photographic. This one above is my favorite. I know exactly what he feels here. More of Richard Brautigan to come another time.