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Monday, March 31, 2003

Citizenship 101

Instead of going to work this morning, I am going to court for my first day of Jury duty. I feel apprehensive and a little excited about this. I have read almost everything by John Grisham over the years, and I really liked Henry Fonda’s Twelve angry men. I know that real Jury duty will be boring, my father told me about a trial he sat on where they spent hours talking about where this rock belonged in a field. My wife came close to sitting on a murder trial; I was the reason she did not have too. I was doing Jail Ministry at the time and the suspect (later convicted) came to our class every Monday and spent the whole time trying to rehearse his case. The lawyers told Bev they were glad her husband did Jail Ministry but would we please refrain from talking about the cases. We were both glad she was excused from that one.

I am not sure how I will respond if placed in the position of voting to send someone to jail for a long time. I expect this to be a learning experience about myself as well as the system. I’ll let you know.
Another Time.


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