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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Is that the sun I see?

Still not feeling too good here in the Tucker household. I have been hearing from those who have had this bug that it makes its presence known for several weeks. That being said, I did get out on the bike yesterday for a sixteen-mile ride, my first of this year. With Rachel’s wedding and all that happened with Bev’s Grandmother last year I don’t think I rode a couple of hundred miles all year long. I’m not one to ride when it gets below sixty degrees. I really do not like winter. When the sun “returns” my mood brightens as well. Seasonal Affective Disorder is real, although from a guy’s perspective it really sounds lame. I first notice it around August of each year. I tell my wife “the suns gone, fall is here now”. She thought I was crazy for a while, (and I may well be, but that’s another story), but then she noticed our daughter would independently say the same thing within a few days of when I did.

In the spring, there comes a day that is like waking up from a dream, like somebody flicked a switch and the light is on again. If this does not happen to you I’m sure this sounds stupid and the explanation sure did to me for several years, but now I just accept it as part of who I am. It makes me think differently about spiritual references to light though. In the last book of the Bible we are told that in the New Jerusalem there will be no more sun, that God himself will be our light. Light reveals; darkness hides. Light is a truth that guides, as in “The way, the truth, and the life”. I’m a big believer that physical representation is used to express spiritual truth in scripture, and being evidently sensitive to variations in light patterns its easy to see that quality of light is reflected in quality of life. God told Jacob, “Because you have struggled with God and man, and yet have overcome, you will no longer be called Jacob, but Israel”.

I make no claim to having it (life, truth, whatever) figured out, but it seems to me Jacob tells us it is in the struggle, the journey, that we find the key to seeing God’s face, and that is nothing to be Sad about.

My that sounded stuffy ;) Let’s think and pray about the safety of those on both sides of what is getting ready to happen in Iraq. I really look forward to Where’s Raed telling us in a few days that everyone is their household is safe.

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