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Monday, March 24, 2003

It is soo goood!

I am beginning to wonder about this diet Sierra Mist stuff. I stop at gas stations and pick up three two-liters at a time just in case we might be out at home. If I just stop to get gas I will pick up two small bottles and drink them on the way home. This is just not like me. I’m wondering if there is not some kind of conspiracy going on here. This drink was not heard of a few short months ago and now when I ask anyone about it they are all like, “Yeah, isn’t that stuff soo goood?” I’m agreeing, bobbing my head with this feverish gleam in my eye. “Yeah man, it is so much better than Sprite” I do not even like Sprite. Where is this coming from? Has some marketing company finally found the keys to the human psyche, or is this the cigarette industry abandoning tobacco and branching out into different markets? Don’t you think it is suspicious Philip Morris changed it’s name? About the same time this drink started hitting the shelves? Let the lawsuits begin.


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