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Friday, March 21, 2003

Shock and Awe

Just came from msnbc.com where I was watching a live feed from downtown Baghdad. You can see and hear cars driving by. It seems easy to imagine the live image of those missiles hitting Baghdad being right outside the window. The enormity of the explosions, the debris flying in the air, makes me cringe. I hope the shock and awe makes its point, and no one is needlessly hurt.

They say this is the beginning of the “Shock and Awe” campaign. I am in shock at the enormity of the explosions and in “awe” of the access I have to what is happening over there. Through the many war blog sites, the discussion boards, the SAT photos, and this live video feed, it is like being a part of a real (yet horrible) event. I know how stupid that sounds, of course it is a real event, but never have we been this close to what was happening. It used to be spoon fed to us on a “need to know basis”, but now we have Salam in Baghdad telling us about buying CD’s just a few days before it all started. (I really hope and pray that he and his are safe). I just can’t get over how much the Internet has changed the way I see the world.


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