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Sunday, March 16, 2003

That furry greenish meat? cake? thing in the back of the fridge may have a soul

My favorites list in IE has gotten out of hand. When I click on the little tab I get the distinct impression I'm being watched. At last sorta count I was over three thousand plus links and growing, and that was after several hefty prunings. There are places in there I am afraid to go to now for fear of never being heard from again. What is the magic number or combination of strange and twisted links it would take to allow a genesis of sorts, a gestalt of url's bubbling, fermenting into a new type of intelligence. Maybe the next big sci-fi movie should be about an AI made from a computer left running too long, a six degrees of separation made up of millions of linked .coms com ing together to send us all to htme-double L.

On a lighter note, why can't I seem to find a Favorites folder museum on the web? Wouldn't you like to get a look at the favorites folder of some of these celebrities or politicians? Aren't you a little curious what links are in Ozzie Osbornes folders? OK, bad example. How about Bill Gates, or George Bush, or even Saddam's?

What would the Holy Grail of lists be? Who in the world has the largest, best organized? The sickest, most perverted, ( anybody thinking pee wee herman here?) You know with a name like that we should have been tipped off.

Somebody should set this up, a place where we could share our collected links with each other. Checking out someone's well used lists would reveal a lot about that person. Maybe we could check for compatibility for couples by comparing their lists in a public forum. "Are my Lists hot or not"?

If anybody knows of a site like this please let me know.

And I'll add it to my Favorites List ;)

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