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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Actually, I don't know what my watch says.

I bought a new watch Friday. My old one is just, well…old. When the battery goes dead on a watch I take it as a sign to get a new timepiece, but with the new batteries they put in these now my heart could give out first. One watch I looked at had a guaranteed ten-year battery life. Who wants to wear the same watch for ten years? I know, buy more than one watch, one for fashion, one for work, blah, blah. Listen, I would rather buy a book than food, you think I’m going to waste book money on having two watches? This watch had been going at least six years. The back light had stopped working some time ago, and the hourly chime sound like a cricket taking its last breath. I kept thinking any day now, but no.

Beverle gave me a dress Elgin for Christmas. It lasted a week. The band was loose. I thought, “I’ll get it fixed tomorrow.” I threw a cardboard box at a dumpster; the watch went further. It still keeps time, just not all at once.

I bought a Casio e-data bank watch. It came with a forty-page manual. I worked over an hour trying to figure out how to set the time. I heard at one time this was the L33+Geek watch. Now real Geeks use their cell phones for timepieces. I like to think I am wearing Retro-geek. That means I am ahead of the curve, insta hip. Groovy, man.


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