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Friday, April 04, 2003

Is Ronald McDonald set on world domination?

Here is another idea for a site that I neither have the time or the intelligence to do. While Googling McDonald’s for my McDumb post earlier this week, I found several newspaper articles referring to terrorist attacks on McDonald’s restaurants in foreign countries. Maybe these attacks are not directly linked to Al-Qaeda, but they are still very disturbing because the attacks are really aimed at our culture, not just the local restaurants.

Several other sites use McDonald’s as an example of everything that is wrong with American culture. Personally, I do not like McDonald’s food. It is basically fat, salt, and sugar packaged to be convenient and filling. Our family usually eats there once a week before church on Wednesday, but just because we are in a hurry.

What I would be interested in following is a web-site that uses McDonald’s as a microcosm of American culture itself, while sociologically explaining the context of the subcultures that attack it. Anybody know of such a study being done? Think this idea would work?

Three killed in McDonald’s blast.

Explosion at Moscow McDonald’s

Indonesian protesters unswayed by McDonald’s defence.

South Korean anti-war protestors target McDonald’s

McDonald’s on the defensive over Iraq war

McDonald’s, embassy targeted

McBastards: McDonald’s and Gloalization

McDonald’s: A symbol of American Capitalism

Islam’s boycott Israel campaign


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