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Monday, April 21, 2003

There outta be a law

I spent the weekend trying to come up with a way to protect my kids from p-rn spam. We tried four different parental control software packages in the last couple of weeks. Either it does not work with XP and lets everything through, or it locks down everything and no site can get through. Did you know that McCafee considers the word “love” explicit sexual content for the age group 13-17? Zack’s computer could not even access the McCafee web site.

We had a family meeting about it and decided to TCP/IP into MSN. There I can set e-mail and messenger controls to a restricted list of just their friends and MSN emails me a list of every site the boys visit while allowing us to cooperate on which sites will be available.

Beverle says it should not have to be this way and she is right. When my boys step out the front door, I know their feet will not land in some red light district. Yet, when my twelve-year-old turns on his computer he gets advertisements to fetis-h sites. If a person approached Zack with this material I could have them arrested as a predator, but the way the law is right now I can’t even find out who is sending this crap to my kids.

What really ticks me off the most about this though is all the hypocrites who say it is my fault if my kids see this material. My tab so far is around $120 for useless software, plus $9.95 a month for MSN. Then my kid has to email me for permission to access the Neo-pets web site. Yet, one of the spam messages connected to a p-rn site that had nothing in the header or the url that denoted it’s content. The only reason for that would be so it could get around parental control software. I do not get it. It is against the law to sell cigarettes to minors but we can’t do anything about these (insert expletives of your choice here) ???


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