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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

With a little more sleep I would realize how bad an idea this really is

I realized something after my post yesterday on my “Hip” Retro-Geek watch. Most current fashion is always just a rehash of fashion from twenty years ago. My daughter is wearing stuff now that my wife wore in High school and she thinks it originated with her generation. When Bev and I were teenagers there was this big resurgence of fifties fashion.

If you want to really, and I mean really be cutting edge, ahead of the curve, originally HIP, just wear whatever just went out of fashion. Go to the stores now, buy whatever is in, but don’t wear it for two years. You will be a good ten years ahead of everyone else. Then just act stuck up about it. Look down on everyone dressed in the “Current” fad. Now that is what hip is all about. Far out. Keep on Truckin. Dude.


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