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Friday, May 02, 2003

The Hardest thing to do

I was weak and shaky yesterday from this flu or whatever I have had for the last week. Kevin from church invited me on a twenty-mile bike ride. I should have known better, but I had not ridden in almost a month and needed a kick start to get going again. All day I kept thinking about calling and canceling, but Kevin has tried several times to get a ride going and I have always been busy. Therefore, I went for a ride.

One thing I forgot to do before leaving; check the weather report. When Kevin drives up, he says everyone has been telling him about a big storm coming our way. We look around, no dark clouds, but we decide to take a shorter route just in case. Fifteen minutes later, we clear the first big hill. Oh, great! Off to the west it is really dark and ugly looking. Therefore, we shorten our route some more.

You can feel the front move in. There is a change in the way the wind blows, the way the leaves on the trees behave. The temperature dropped ten degrees in less than a minute. Then the wind came. Thirty-five miles an hour, all head wind, and it is picking up debris and smacking us around. One of those helicopter seed, pod things hit me in the side of the face and almost knocked me over.

We were tucked and cranking for all we’re worth and in my case it wasn’t much. I make it back to the car just as the downpour begins in earnest. We are soaked, the inside of my car is soaked, and I am shaking from trying to ride so hard while still weak. Kevin apologizes for me driving so far just to be caught in the rain, but I am just happy I got my butt back on the bike. Tomorrow it will be easier to get out, getting started again is always the hardest thing to do.


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