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Friday, May 30, 2003

Hungry for summer

The tomato plants are finally in the ground. The rain has finally stopped long enough to do some of the yard work. The farmers around here are getting antsy waiting for the weather to break. The fields have been too wet to work in.

We never plant much garden. The last few years I tried it all ended up weeds from lack of time to work with it.

Tomatoes are our only constant. Beverle loves garden tomatoes. She does not consider the ones from the store “real” tomatoes, and she is right. Store tomatoes are tough and have almost no flavor at all. A garden grown, Big Boy, fresh picked and eaten while standing in the garden with a saltshaker in the other hand will ruin you to the hydroponics’ variety.

I am the plant person in the family. Beverle tells the story of her Grandmother stopping by, putting her finger in one of Beverle’s potted plants and declaring, “If there was a house fire this would be the first thing to go.”

Therefore, garden tomatoes are “flowers” I grow for Beverle. After they are picked they sit on the windowsill in the kitchen to finish ripening, slowly building our anticipation until Beverle slices a plate full to have with supper. There is nothing like a BLT made with homemade bread, fresh lettuce, turkey bacon, and fresh tomatoes so juicy you have to wash your face after eating.

Great, I’m hungry again.


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