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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

I know this can not be an original thought, but have you considered The Matrix as a metaphor for the way we live our lives? In that last little bit I posted I jokingly referred to getting back to my virtual video game life, but look at the real similarities between video input, whether TV, video games, or Internet, and the virtual input in The Matrix.

Some of us spend hours each day sitting motionless in front of one screen or another, completely inactive. Studies have been done that show how brain activity slows while watching TV. Our metabolism slows to nothing and what do we do, we eat.

AdBusters recommends sitting in front of a TV that is not on and try watching it for a half hour, to try and be aware of what you are doing while watching this inert box.

One part of me is aware of how wasteful it is to take precious “life time” and spend it staring vacant eyed and slack jawed into the eye of the machine.

Another part of me just says, “cool, reruns.”


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