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Thursday, May 08, 2003

The Internet support group for The Users of Ineffectual Idioms

It just happened again. I have no idea where it comes from or why I do it. It must be some deep flaw in my character, maybe a rare mental disorder of some type.

“Stress Lab: this is Timmy, can I help you?”
“ Hello, this is Heather in registration, do you have a Mr. (so in so) for a holter monitor this morning?”
“Yes I do.”
“ They are signed in and ready for you in the lobby.”

Here it comes. I can’t stand to watch.

“Okee doke.”

There, I admit it. I am so embarrassed. Maybe by bringing it out into the light I can kill it. I have been trying for so long. Like a fungus that keeps coming back no matter how much you scrub or disinfect, this life sucking phrase springs unbidden from my mouth. Its lameness can only be measured in astronomical terms, a black hole of ineffectual, forceless, spine-less expression. I stagger under its weight. God help me.


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