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Monday, May 12, 2003


A long weekend past, but a good one. I had jury duty Friday and made it to the final cut of six before being sent home. Saturday I took Bev out for dinner in Bowling Green for Mama’s day. Rachel and Robby grilled out for Bev and her mother Sunday. I used the time to do some things around the house for Bev, (Father’s day is next up you know;). I caulked the shower in our bathroom and cleaned out the gutters and the flowerbed behind the house.

There are some new pictures up on the site. The Industrial Light series is small, (only five so far) but required a significant amount of work, (at least for me). I am not happy with the Four Towers shot it is missing something. It took the most time of the set though and I included it out of principal more than anything else.

One interesting piece of trivia about the Four Towers shot, it all centers around rust. All four of the “Towers” are the single exhaust pipe on the bulldozer that served as the subject for this series. I layered the pipes and treated each differently to bring out the rust detail. The interesting thing is that the background is taken from an enlarged section of rust on the front of the exhaust pipe, shopped, filtered, and painted, then faded to bring up the foreground.

The sad thing is that after stepping through four labor-intensive steps, I tried to do the wise thing and back up the file and it locked up my puny laptop and I had to start over. That is why I put it up although I still feel it needs work. Let me know what you think. Criticisms welcome.


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