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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Virtually Virtuous

The comments are working again.

Zack and I have to make a Bowling Green run this afternoon. He needs new shoes again. Both of the boys are growing too fast to keep up with.

I hope to have time for Barnes & Noble. I want some poetry and some new trade paperbacks, something unusual to burn a few new neuron pathways in my sludge of a brain.

Beverle finally got her Mother’s Day flowers for the deck and yard. Part of her present is me spending more time outside the house this summer. Last summer the boys and I were heavy into video games. A couple RPG’s took up all my free time. It was hot outside and I just wanted to clear that “next” level, well, then the next level.

The boys are really into Halo right now. They have absconded with my Xbox Bev bought me for Christmas. Yes, my Xbox. In retaliation, I have taken charge of the PS2. I just do not have time to play it. I need to finish Final Fantasy X. I am near the end of the game it is just that, right now, I am into reality. Maybe after The Matrix :Reloaded comes out I will be more likely to vegitate out and plug back into a virtual reality mode, living life vicariously through artificial means. It has an interesting ring to it, does it not?


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