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Saturday, June 14, 2003

Haiku Fiction

1000 Words or less: is my idea for a creative forum for Bloggers and web writers. I had the idea of writing short fictional pieces to post. I have no illusions about my writing ability, but I am eager to improve, and hungry to learn. As I was working on that first piece, I realized it would have to be a very short piece of fiction, and that opened up the idea of what I first thought of as micro-fiction. Therefore, I tried to write a fictional piece within a set number of words. I wanted to stay within 500 words, but “a picture is worth a thousand words” helps clarify the goal the I had in mind. One thousand words with a single abstract theme, like a Haiku, (a real Haiku, not these over simplified English versions), reveals an idea indirectly through images.

Beverle has given me another website for Father’s day and I thinking of a “Friday Five” sort of thing, where a theme is posted every week or two to provide ideas for writers to place on their sites. Maybe I could put titles and links on my site to help writers compare their stuff with others.

I am considering developing this idea but would appreciate input.

Is this workable?

Is someone already doing this, or something very similar?


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