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Friday, June 20, 2003

The Old Man

Over the weekend, Zack received a digital camera as a gift, so yesterday we brought him to the Louisville Zoo to try it out. We have been members for several years and try to go whenever we can. Knowing that we can always get in without paying has taught us to not try and see the entire zoo in a day, instead, we pick certain animals ahead of time and observe them, trying to get a better feel of who they are, spending as much time as it takes to leave with a better understanding of the one on the other side of the glass.

Our favorite is the orangutans. A few years back they were the big event in the zoo, now the new popular exhibit is the lowland gorillas, and the crowd stays there. We have remained fascinated with the “Old Man of the Forest” though. Looking into their eyes you cannot help but sense a kindred, and yet an alien intelligence. Beverle will sit on the ground next to the exhibit for an hour or more and invariably one of the “Tangs” will come and sit by her. Bev puts her hand to the glass and one of them will place their huge hand up to hers while she talks to them. I enjoy watching her as much as the orangutans. I believe she could spend the entire day just sitting talking with her sad eyed friends, and as you look into their eyes, you can't help but feel a sense of wonder for what they may be saying back.


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