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Friday, June 27, 2003

Update dat?

The last few days have really been hectic. Work has been almost too much to keep up with, my schedule completely full, with several walk-ins just to make it harder.

Today was my last Jury day. I am glad to have done my civic duty, but I am happy it is over. I was fortunate that all the cases I sat on were either settled or dismissed before I had to make a judgment. The closest I came to having to make a decision was on a case of terroristic threatening. It came down to taking one persons word over another. This is the case that was dismissed. If it had come to it, I still do not know how I could have chose.

One of Zack’s friends is staying over tonight. That means boys yelling and screaming all night while playing Halo. Tomorrow night we are going to Louisville to see Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing in central park. Free Will is a summer ritual for us. Last year we saw Hamlet, which is my favorite. The Merchant of Venice is also being performed this season but we are not sure if we will find time to see that one.

We still have the dog. She has been with us long enough to have been given the name Katy. I was happy to call her “The Dog”, but no one else liked the irony. Of course, Jason wanted to name her Kat, so we were thinking alike anyway. Katy is a very well behaved dog, unlike most I have known over the years. If we could just break her from infrequent car chasing, she would be perfect.

One little eccentricity she displays that is interesting; when we pull into the driveway, she sprints from the front porch to the far side of the back yard. Then she runs back and forth along the tree line like a guard checking the perimeter. She does it every time we come home. We have decided she is chasing away the killer rabbits, (or swallows carrying coconuts).

With everything else that is going on there has not been much time for reading, but I have been slowly making my way through Fast Food Nation. If you are at all curious about how Fast Food has changed and is changing American and global culture this is must read. The one complaint I have with it is that after putting it down I feel like reading again in half hour.

Since reading Brave New World a few weeks ago, I keep seeing similarities from it in daily life. Fast Food Nation shows that fast food culture came about by applying the mass production methods of Henry Ford to food production. This successful idea then spread to practically every facet of life. Everywhere you look Ford’s influence is seen in our culture, and if you read what I wrote about the transgenic goats you can get the idea that maybe Huxley’s novel is tame in comparison with the reality that may await us, but then again maybe a burger and fries is just a that and nothing else. Would you like to Super-size™ that?


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