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Saturday, June 28, 2003

What Immortal hand or eye

Sitting on the deck this morning watching the hummingbirds buzz the feeder like little jet fighters refueling in mid-air had Beverle and I wondering in a William Blake sort of way about the maker of such joyful diversity.

One of my favorite weekly web reads is the comic Cat and Girl. I love the way she makes me think and laugh at the same time. My favorite strip is this one. I wish I could have this as a T-shirt so I could wear it like a billboard, spreading its heresy like a virus everywhere I go. [Disclaimer: the author’s interpretation of this strip may not coincide exactly with my own. What follows are the thoughts that she has provoked in me, they are my own, and I in no way intend to speak for her, especially in light of the matter at hand].

Girl’s argument is that the value of expression is defined by the limitation of the medium. It is the artist’s expression within set boundaries that allows communication to be possible. Any medium where the boundaries are set too wide, like life, suck. There is no point of reference for the beholder to use as context as an agreed starting place for discussion.

Our lives are an evolving struggle to find order in chaos. The struggle defines who we are as we individually set our own boundaries. The boundaries are everything. Without them, we have no laws, community, or culture. It is a paradox of our existence that that which brings us together ultimately is what separates us. The tighter the focus, the more we find areas of disagreement.

Within our boundaries we try to find meaning in our lives, it is here that we create ourselves with the tools we have at hand. This is why a hunger for learning is so important, and should not be seen as merely a means to vocation. It is what we should be about in every area of our lives. Death occurs when something ceases to grow and is not limited to the merely physical. Death of mind, death of spirit is much worse than physical death, as can be seen in any hospital or nursing home. For every door we close, every bridge we burn, our personal boundaries become tighter and more focused. I have often thought that growing old was really just the loss of options. That is why you see some people old in years, but young in mind and heart, while others, barely adults, hobbled by the choices they have made, seem ancient, and hopeless.

Therefore to communicate we seek areas of restrictions; music, (though seemingly fluid and limitless is mathematical in it precision and is the strictest of our mediums of expression), film, painting, sculpture, and writing in it’s various creative forms; novels, short stories, essays, and poetry.

From our point of view, life is boundless. We are constrained within the limits of natural laws. However, since we have yet to understand these laws, we have no capability for determining what our true limitations are. As humanity learns and grows, we continually add to the tools available for our improvement. What was thought impossible just a few generations ago is now commonplace. We stretch and push, redefining our limitations a generation at a time.

God, the Eternal, in every culture, is seen as a being that has no limit. All knowing, all powerful, all seeing, in every place at every time, God can do whatever He wants. He is perfection without limitation, immutable and unchanging.

My view of God is different from a lot of others. I will not be offended if your view disagrees with mine, and I do not feel it is necessary for you to agree with me, okay.

I think God is self-limiting. I believe that for the pleasure of it, the fun of it, God limited Himself to three amino acids and a set DNA chain length and said, “Okay, let’s see what we can make with this”. Therefore the greatest artist created the greatest limited media and began to play, with the full intention of creating a work that would move Him to tears and laughter, and with joy, pain, and suffering, move the unmovable, and change the unchanging. I think we were created as free agents, with free wills, for the sole purpose of becoming willing companions to our Creator, that the original plan of the Gospel from the beginning was the method to release us and bid us to come back to Him in love. We are, as it were, at play in the fields of the Lord.


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