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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

A "Musing"

Thanks to Theophany, I found this writers tool. It is called Musings. Every day it prompts you with a different writing exercise. This is my first try. The exercise was to write 250 words about a bird’s nest.

The bird’s nest has always been her home. Days pass without care, without want. Safe inside, her parents kept her warm and fed. The nest does not change. Its constancy is its comfort, its steadfastness a blanket that keeps her content.

She though, without knowing it, does change. She grows like the opening of a flower bud, almost imperceptively, each day a little less fledgling, each day a little less room in the nest. Her plumage begins to lose its immaturity as she takes on the look of an adult.

The nest begins to feel crowded to her. There is jostling and friction as each tries to hold their ground in the family. She feels her needs more strongly now. Her parents seem slow in providing. She is insistent, they are resistant, she demands, they respond with anger. Something must change, and something has, though she does not understand it. The little bird, little no longer, must leave. It is the way of things.

The nest now, once a place of security and comfort has become unbearable. She does not want to go, but knows she cannot stay. Her parents nudge her to the edge. They stop providing every little need. It is time for her to learn to provide for herself.

The time has finally come. She braces herself on the ledge, wings out stretched and ready. The first step is the biggest of her life. There are no guarantees of success.

She steps out into her life, free from the parent’s nest, free to make a nest of her own. She rolls down the car window to feel the wind on her face. Her father stands on the porch and watches her drive away, while her mother sits in the kitchen and cries a mother bird’s tears.


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