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Location: Kentucky, United States

Friday, July 25, 2003

On the way to work

Mist, the windshield keeps fogging up inside and out. I have the defroster and the wipers going trying to fight off the dampness pouring from the ponds on the side of the road. It is three-fifteen in the morning and I am technically still asleep. It will take a pot of coffee at work before I can make full sentences. I am driving fifty-five, okay sixty-five, on curvy, country roads that drivers from the city won’t go over thirty M.P.H. on. Coming up on the right, two deer standing on the shoulder, I brake hard, down shift and swerve to the left in case they bolt the wrong way. As I get by, I accelerate, hit the windshield wipers again, and then shift up. Just then, a black cat runs into the road following the path of the headlights. I brake hard to less than twenty. The cat is still running down the center of the street. I swerve right and honk. The cat disappears into the weeds. I top a hill and meet a truck going faster than I am. The truck has only one headlight, and it’s on bright. I can’t see the other side of the truck. My right wheel drops off the shoulder. The truck flies by. I pull the right wheel back onto the road and exhale with relief. Next up is a possum, a baby, running crossways in a curve. No time to go around, so I straddle it and hope for the best. It was small. He looks confused in my rearview mirror, but okay. I finally make it to work, only five minutes late, not bad considering.

Another country morning commute.

Who needs video games?


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