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Monday, July 14, 2003

The silent moments

The first day back from vacation was very busy. I am the only technician at the hospital for most of what I do, so when I am gone work backs up. When I come back from vacation, I still have the previous week’s work to do. It takes some of the enjoyment out of being off, but last week was very nice. Beverle and I spent most of our week off setting on the deck, just relaxing. We both caught up on all the missed sleep, and ate too much just for the fun of it.

I did not follow the news or wear my watch, and I only rarely checked the web. I am way behind on reading my favorite Bloggers, and I have no idea what is going on outside of the borders of my front yard. I did however follow U.S. Postal after the team time trial. Go Lance!

On the home front, things are good. I cleaned the front deck, washed the front of the house and gutters, and installed a new air conditioner in Jason’s room. We have begun refurbishing the boy’s bathroom and shower. The cat, the bird, and the dog have been spoiled with copious amounts of attention; I have been spoiled as well.

By staying at home, there was none of that time wasted in travel to arrive at the place where we could relax. There were no worries about money, or rushing to see or do everything. Beverle and I talked and enjoyed each other, and when we ran out of things to say, we just sat in the swing and rocked, the silent moments content in their fullness. Yes, I have been spoiled.


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