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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

100 things about me

This is a popular trend. I need an "about" section on the site, so this is a start.

1. I’m left-handed, and proud of it.
2. I’m bald, and hate it, but I won't do Rogain, comeovers, wigs,
or transplants.
If you don't like who I am because of my hair your the one with the problem,
not me.
3. I read voraciously.
4. I always have at least two books with me.
5. I’m a cat person.
6. Dogs love me.
7. I’m creative, but only at the last minute.
8. I’m hopelessly romantic.
9. I prefer romantic comedies to action flicks.
10. I am a big Sci-Fi fan though.
11. I’ve lost my passion for music and it scares me.
12. I’m sleep deprived most of the time.
13. I think mowing the yard or making the bed is wasted time.
14. I would rather have books than underwear.
15. Fortunately my wife does my shopping.
16. I have twice caught the backyard on fire.
17. I am resistant to change.
18. I seek out new experiences
19. I played trumpet in high school band.
20. I can piddle around on piano and guitar.
21. I sing, but only in church.
22. I study Theology as a layman.
23. I usually stay in trouble in Sunday school.
24. I love a theological argument as long as no one gets mad.
25. How you live is your business, so keep it out of mine.
26. I think you should question everything.
27. But never ask a question you are afraid to hear the answer to.
28. I believe I would do anything to know the Truth.
29. Some things are black and white.
30. Dishonesty is what I dislike most.
31. I have captured all the Pokemon and brag to little kids about it.
32. My youngest son tears me up at first person shooters.
33. RPG’s are my favorite video game.
34. I like movies with subtitles.
35. Spelling is my worst subject.
36. After math and geography
37. They always give me the blue question in the center of Trivial pursuit.
38. I’m usually there first.
39. My wife knows the important stuff.
40. I drink too much coffee.
41. If I start eating ice cream sandwiches I don’t stop till the box is empty.
42. Ice Cream better be in heaven.
43. I hope I am too.
44. I can get depressed over someone else’s pain.
45. Screeching on the blackboard does not bother me.
46. But I can’t stand the feel of the cotton in a medicine bottle.
47. The wilder the roller coaster the better.
48. I think kissing is the most intimate act, when it is done right.
49. I have worked in the medical field for twenty-four years.
50. My handwriting is so bad, once, when someone forged a check on me, the bank called
because they could read my signature.
51. I don’t like westerns.
52. Lonesome Dove is the only book I have read more than three times.
53. I am very focused.
54. But only on a couple things at a time.
55. I am awed and amazed sometimes by very mundane things.
56. I get depressed very easily
57. It doesn’t take much to amuse me.
58. I’m an Idealist/ Empathic Introvert. (Look it up)
59. I am a fussy driver, but am trying to improve. Starting next time, maybe.
60. I studied philosophy in high school; it was during math class. I made a D. In math not philosophy.
61. I am hungry all the time, even when I’m full.
62. It’s milk before cereal.
63. I have eaten an entire box of granola at one setting.
64. Till you have had a true kosher hot dog, you haven’t had a hot dog.
65. I am obsessive about the toothpaste tube being squeezed from the bottom. I would iron it if I could.
66. I am a slob about most everything else. Well, slob may be a little strong, may be.
67. My favorite outfit is loose fitting jeans with some black, geek t-shirt.
68. Beverle won’t let me dress like that for Church.
69. Black Double-breasted suit, white collarless shirt with a jeweled button cover.
70. I don’t dress like that for Church either, just taking Bev out.
71. I am always on the look out for the perfect hat.
72. I push my kids too hard.
73. I don’t push my kids hard enough.
74. Once I rode my bicycle 2100 miles in six months.
75. This year I haven’t ridden a hundred.
76. I am on a diet. Now.
77. I can’t dance, but wish I could.
78. I talk to myself.
79. Eternity for men cologne
80. Shower, instead of bath.
81. I sing, loudly, by myself in the car.
82. Most important movie, ever: Saving Private Ryan (Tell me I’m a good man)
83. Favorite Guilty movie pleasure: The Three Amigos
84. Favorite Theological Text: The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah
85. Favorite Guilty reading pleasure: The Stephanie Plum series
86. Favorite color: Blues
87. Favorite musical style: Blues
88. The little finger on my right hand doesn’t work right. (Third degree burn as an infant)
89. Don’t even be thinking about touching my computer screen.
90. I once got a speeding ticket doing 125 mph on a motorcycle. (I got over being stupid)
91. I don’t like to answer the phone.
92. Why put off till tomorrow, what you can put off till next week.
93. Especially going to the dentist. (Give me gas, gas, gas, even to clean my teeth. In fact, can I get this to go?)
94. I am a pseudo-intellectual, whatever that is.
95. I am thankful, even when I’m not.
96. I am Christian and proud of it. (Which is an oxymoron I know)
97. I love my kids.
98. I love my wife.
99. My life is good.
100 My life is good.


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