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Monday, August 04, 2003

The past weekend was a wonderful blessing. My oldest son turned sixteen. He had a houseful of friends down Friday night for a LAN party. They were up till five a.m. playing Halo. I slept with earplugs.

The next day we had a reunion with twenty-five of our Youth Group kids and their families. It was good to see them together again. We got to meet some “grandchildren” we had never seen before, and some old friends we had not seen in years.

The one regret we had was Donna didn’t make it. She is thinking about missionary work in Thailand and everyone was looking forward to hearing of her adventures and experiencing her unique Donna-ness one more time before she leaves. She was working in her Church at home though, so we can’t complain much. We did anyway, that’s just how we are. ;)


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