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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Puppy Love

It has been several weeks since I have been able to sit on the deck in the morning and drink coffee, watching the day come up around me. The bird and the dog have suffered a lack of attention for the same reason.

The puppies are beginning to come out from underneath the deck now. They are all vibrantly healthy and content. Their mother is thin and haggard looking. I suspect it will not be long before she begins weaning them.

I woke both the boys by placing a puppy in bed with them. Zack already refers to one of the black ones as “his.” It was not my plan to segregate individuals out at this stage. There is not any practical way we can keep this many dogs. We need to have the mother fixed before this can happen again. Our intention was to have her fixed at the beginning, but she was already pregnant before her previous owner dropped her off in the middle of nowhere.

We have little yipping bundles of fur waddling around the deck. They are a joy to watch. However, they leave little puddles for bare feet to find.

I know.


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