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Monday, September 29, 2003

Thinking of hue

All of the autumn posts lately are from a book I am putting together. So please feel free to be as crictical as possible.

Book is a rather ambitious term, more like book-let, as in chiclet, heavy on the let. I have been experimenting with papers, glues, staples, different cover ideas, and inserts. I have collected leaves and made photos, and failed at watercolor and calligraphy. If I ever do get this finished it will probably be spring and then what is the point? Anyway...

Zack raced again Saturday. His times are getting better, but he is still faster in practice. Last week he did a 7:03 mile. Not bad for a twelve year old who has only been under a coach for a month. In a race he gets nervous and psyche’s himself out. He is beginning to get over that though, which is a good thing cause I have enough parent nervousness for the both of us. :0


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