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Monday, October 20, 2003


Zack’s last cross-country race was Saturday. I am very proud of what he has accomplished over the last few months. His last race was one of his best, and with his help the team took a second place trophy.

Around here things are slowly getting back into the regular routine. Bev has a new clothes dryer and a refrigerator we call “The Vault”.

Have you ever noticed how much smaller things like that look in the store? When they delivered the refrigerator we didn’t think it was going to make it through the door. It is so big, Bev said she backed out of the laundry room turn to go into the kitchen, saw refrigerator out of the corner of her eye and it scared her.

The boys have me playing Magic: The Gathering card game now. We spent way too much money on cards over the last week, but we have butt-kicking decks now.

I haven’t written much of anything over the last month, but I have been working on something new creatively. Rachel played clarinet in grade school. I dug it out of the back of the closet and have begun teaching myself how to play it. Nothing to write home about, but the squawking, has surprisingly been kept to a minimum. ;)


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