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Thursday, November 27, 2003

Dear Blogger,

Dear Blogger,

I know this is the time of year that we should reflect on what we are grateful for. However, as I have tried to spend the day in quite reflection of how truly blessed I am with family, a good job, a roof over my head, and hobbies and interests to keep me busy. I keep sticking on this one, very minor, yet irritating gripe.

You promised me a hoodie, a Blogger Hoodie to be exact. I didn't ask you to. You promised it to me for being a paying Blogger Pro customer. It was a good thing when you expanded Blogger Pro to include everyone who was using the your service and I was not upset that what I had paid for, you where now giving away for free. But, to make up for it you said I could have a Blogger Hoodie for free. I don't own a hoodie of any sort, have never really liked the looks of one. This one is blue with a orange B on the chest. I thought, "Okay, you want to give me something for free, that's cool, I'll take it. Maybe one of the boys will wear it." But then I waited, and I waited. I would go to the mailbox thinking, "Maybe today the hoodie will come." But, no hoodie, no orange B to wear like a blogging super-hero.

It has wormed it's way into my head, and now I sit here on turkey day, coveting something I don't even want. So I am going to sit here and sulk until it comes. I don't care that the mail doesn't run today. I want my Hoodie, now!

P.S. Also, while we are at it, you keep telling me I can post from email or post to the future. Take this post for example, I set it to be published on Thursday, now checking my site on Saturday I find that once again you have let me down. The post is still stuck somewhere in your server, telling me in the control panel that it has been posted. However, now I will long in and jam it through manually.

Hello.... Blogger...are you there?


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