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Friday, November 07, 2003

Welcome to: MyMatrix. If I ran things.com

Instead of the movie we have, how about this...

First let's tie it in with the first two movies.

(1.) In The Matrix, Neo asks "Where am I", and Morph replies that "It's not where that is important, but when. He then tells Neo that they are really farther in the future than those living in the Matrix thought.

(2.) In The Animatrix we learn of a boy who "woke" himself up from the Matrix.

(3.) In Reloaded, Neo is told that there is in imbalance in the Matrix programming that causes some to drop out and go to Zion.

(4.) At the end of Reloaded, Neo whacks the squids with some mental mojo, but no one knows how.

Now my version:

Neo begins to learn that he has powers in the Real also, then after much kung fu, and Smith bashing Neo, ala' the end of the first movie, "sees" that even when in the "Real" he is still in the Matrix. The programmer's answer to the imbalance was to create a second Matrix outside the first to keep complete control over humanity. Zion exists only within this second false reality. Neo then "wakes" himself up, then others, to find that they are MUCH farther into the future than they had thought. The sky is no longer scorched. The robot society is self-sufficient and has simply been maintaining the human race who were trapped in a "prison of their own minds" Neo was the catalyst needed for a paradigm shift in human awareness that allowed for humanity to accept its true condition.

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