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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I told you a rogaine bath was a bad idea

Friday, January 09, 2004

Beware the Dark Side Luke!

I walked out the front door this morning to a surprise. It had snowed sometime during the night. “The Night” for me is between 10:00pm and 2:30am when I get up. It was pretty and snow always lifts my spirit. The way the air feels, the muffled quality, how quite it seems is very relaxing and I don’t mind the cold. However, I put off getting up as long as I can and have my twenty-mile trek into work timed down to a few minutes variance. Snow on our steep, unsalted hills does not factor into me making it to work on time.

Today being Friday, I have the weekend to look hopefully towards. Bev was cut from work last night and has a four-day weekend. If the weather doesn’t turn worse we have to go shopping for Zack. He has outgrown everything he owns in less than two months. It is hard to keep up with how fast he is changing.

Jason wrote his first computer virus last night. I am using that term very loosely. He has been teaching himself Visual basic and last night he learned how to write a program that makes changes to the computer registry. The program he wrote, when loaded as a Trojan, causes your computer to give an error beep every few seconds. It makes a geek father proud. That is as long as I can keep him off the evening news from some “harmless” prank that gets carried away. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Is it Christmas yet?

I bought a Gameboy Advance SP the other day. Lunar Silver Star Story had been ported over from the PS1 as Lunar Legend and I wanted to play it again. While the cut scenes have been whittled down to fit the Gameboy cart, it is essentially the same game.

What is amazing to me is how quickly video game technology has advanced in the last few years. Less than a decade ago this game was the height of video game craft, but now it plays on a system that fits in your shirt pocket.

The boys and I have already told Bev that next Christmas (God willing) we all want a PSP (Playstation Portable), which (hopefully) will be out by then. It looks to completely rocket up the capabilities of hand held games. There is even talk of the PSP having cell phone and PDA options. That’s the one I want. [Boys and their toys] ;)

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Hey, who turned off the lights!?

With the holidays over, the next hopeful thing to look forward to is Spring.

While we were walking the dogs yesterday I wished out loud for the sun to shine. Zack informed me that was the fourth time that day I had made that wish... out loud.

My Favorite Martian

The desktop on my computer at work has the panoramic display of the surface of Mars taken by the Spirit probe that landed there over the weekend. It shows an empty, deserted plain, dotted with rocks, that extends to an empty horizon. I sit and look at it and think of some strange wind blowing dust across those rocks under that familiar yet alien sun and I find comfort in it.

Don’t ask me how.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Dear Blogger

Thanks for finally sending my hoodie. I have yet to wear it, since it has been unseasonably warm here as of late. This week though the weather should drop into the twenty's so I will be wearing Blogger Orange and Blue and thinking warm thoughts.


Sunday, January 04, 2004

Feeling Lonesome

Just recently I got around to buying Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry for the boy’s reading list. Jason started on it last night. It is the first “adult” book I have given him to read, “Adult” meaning some sexual situations and rough language. Despite that, I still think it is a good book for him to read. Lonesome Dove is one of the few books I have enjoyed enough to read multiple times. McMurtry’s writing is unlike anything else I have ever read. He can spin a story out of nothing. Men sitting around the supper table eating beans and goat meat can range through several pages, taking you through Mexican bandits, obsessive compulsive bell ringing, the history of the Texas Rangers, and no telling where else.

After reading McMurtry for awhile I notice my Kentucky Hick accent gets worse in imitation of McMurtry’s Texas drawl, both good strong American dialects.

I don’t like Westerns as a genre, books or film, but I have enjoyed all of the Lonesome Dove series on the strength of the writing alone. A few years back someone came out with a Top One Hundred Books list, and Lonesome Dove was the first book that came to my mind for my choice if asked.

Reading more is one of my New Years Resolutions. Actually, I decide I wasn’t reading enough several weeks ago. Of course I also want to lose five pounds, work out more, spend more time with Bev, more quality time with the boys, be more involved in church, and…well, give me a few minutes and I’m sure I can add to that list.