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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Feeling Lonesome

Just recently I got around to buying Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry for the boy’s reading list. Jason started on it last night. It is the first “adult” book I have given him to read, “Adult” meaning some sexual situations and rough language. Despite that, I still think it is a good book for him to read. Lonesome Dove is one of the few books I have enjoyed enough to read multiple times. McMurtry’s writing is unlike anything else I have ever read. He can spin a story out of nothing. Men sitting around the supper table eating beans and goat meat can range through several pages, taking you through Mexican bandits, obsessive compulsive bell ringing, the history of the Texas Rangers, and no telling where else.

After reading McMurtry for awhile I notice my Kentucky Hick accent gets worse in imitation of McMurtry’s Texas drawl, both good strong American dialects.

I don’t like Westerns as a genre, books or film, but I have enjoyed all of the Lonesome Dove series on the strength of the writing alone. A few years back someone came out with a Top One Hundred Books list, and Lonesome Dove was the first book that came to my mind for my choice if asked.

Reading more is one of my New Years Resolutions. Actually, I decide I wasn’t reading enough several weeks ago. Of course I also want to lose five pounds, work out more, spend more time with Bev, more quality time with the boys, be more involved in church, and…well, give me a few minutes and I’m sure I can add to that list.


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