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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Is it Christmas yet?

I bought a Gameboy Advance SP the other day. Lunar Silver Star Story had been ported over from the PS1 as Lunar Legend and I wanted to play it again. While the cut scenes have been whittled down to fit the Gameboy cart, it is essentially the same game.

What is amazing to me is how quickly video game technology has advanced in the last few years. Less than a decade ago this game was the height of video game craft, but now it plays on a system that fits in your shirt pocket.

The boys and I have already told Bev that next Christmas (God willing) we all want a PSP (Playstation Portable), which (hopefully) will be out by then. It looks to completely rocket up the capabilities of hand held games. There is even talk of the PSP having cell phone and PDA options. That’s the one I want. [Boys and their toys] ;)


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