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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Purpose Driven Life Journal: Day Two/Part Two

Point to consider: We discover the meaning and purpose of our life only when we make God the reference point of our lives.

Journal: From a pat answer perspective I know this is true, but it is that when we make part that throws me. If God is perfect love and has no need, then why make us in the first place? Even as flawed humans we need/desire children because we need/want to see a piece of ourselves in someone else, to love and be loved in return for no other reason than because of who we are.

To say that God had no need for the creation (as the author does in the book) is to deny the process of creating. All creating is an expression of a desire or need to be filled. Am I saying God is imperfect or incomplete without us? That depends on your definition of perfect or complete, but the short answer is yes, I am really leaning that way in my understanding of who God is. (If that sounded like blasphemy read over it again real slow)

My problem with when we make is simply why did God make us this way? If you look at what I said in the first part of this section about the ever present, unfulfilled Need of Him you could say I have already answered my own question. To put it another way, our Need is the reference point of our lives that points toward God. Does this mean that seeking to fulfill that need is our Purpose? I doubt the author’s answer will satisfy me, but I am committed to push on.


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