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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Teenage Christian?

This is actually a comment I posted on Correction, but I put it here for discussion.

Do you think, like Paul says, we are babes in Christ, needing rich milk to help us grow to the place we can learn to feed ourselves on His Word? Then is it possible that we continue the same growth pattern to adulthood in Christ?

If so, I am a forty-four year old teenager who is pissed off and fed up with "because I said so" being the answer to all of life's pain.

This freaks a lot of people, but it comes down to this; either He is not in control as much as most would have us believe, or, He is directly responsible for the suffering of that little child in Ethiopia, who, right now is lying on the ground, belly swollen with starvation, flies swarming her eyes, while buzzards wait in the background to feed.

Habakkuk said, "Where are You" and God answered. Job demanded an audience and got one. Why must every prayer be answered with silence, or at best a whisper in the cacophony of existence? I am weary from effort to rise up each day, to face the onslaught of life. I have studied and searched, lived through the dark night of the soul, watched all my elders/mentors but one fall away. I have searched the eyes of strangers in crowds, looking for a hint of recognition, of understanding. I have been "pat" answered to death by professionals who, when pressed, have no understanding of what they say.

There is only one I seek, and to quote Rich Mullins "HE is playing hard to get"

There are more psalms that complain to God, than ones that praise Him. I think He wants us to wake up and get real with Him. Look at Job; God was not afraid of Job's questions, or his anger. No, Job didn't directly get the answer to his questions, but he got all the answer he needed.

After all my years of study and searching I KNOW less now than when I started. Maybe that is just where He wants me. Here's Hope ing



Blogger Jesse said...

1. I need to chew on the question about the Apostle Paul for a while cus I think it is a separate question.
2. It’s too bad that Rich isn’t her for the discussion because I have always interpreted that song to be not so much about answers from God but about yearning for God himself. This is more often on my mind.
3. As far as this question of why and so forth I have a different slant. The question of suffering isn’t of itself the issue for me. Maybe I am just oblivious or not as caring as I would like to believe. What really gets my goat is the Church. Just as you are frustrated over the answer of it’s just the way it is, I don’t set well with Christians that have no actual proof to their claim to Christ. If we are supposed to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world why does all this crap get into the body of Christ? How can people like Gene Robinson and John Kerry even DARE to call themselves Christians? What makes them any different than Madonna calling her self a Jew because she is into Kabala? Why does God allow this?

Maybe, just maybe if Christians actually started to act like Christians than there would be far less suffering in the world. Maybe I am ignorant of history but it seems to me that the Church was doing a better job of taking care of the widow and orphan before DCF stepped in. which of course was AFTER the Church stepped out.

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