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Monday, August 16, 2004

Google knows my name

It is official, I am the number one link in the world for snorting altoids. My fifteen minutes starts now.

This from a question in the comment section of the earlier post; my snorting altiods faq.

Anonymous said...
I am curious about "snorting Altoids" How do you do it and what is the effect?

9:41 AM
Tim said...
LOL-You grind it up into a fine powder, run it out in a cocaine like line, roll a bill (a twenty is classy) up into a straw and snort it into a pasty ball in the back of your naso-pharynx where it will sit and burn tears into your eyes for a good ten minutes. Then you spend another half hour sniffing and snorting waiting for it to dissolve down the back of your throat. Much more fun than pulling off your own toe-nail with a pair of pliers, which I have also done.

12:36 PM

Over the weekend Beverle and I went shopping for her Mother in Bowling Green. We returned some birthday stuff that didn’t fit. That took all of about thirty minutes.

We ended up in the older part of town in this little park. There was a very nice fountain with benches in a circle around it. We sat and enjoyed the unusually cool weather and clear sky while watching angels spit eternal streams of saliva into the pool at our feet.

We found this really cool coffee shop while strolling around the square. It had that Fraiser/Friends décor, brick interior, sofas, art on the walls, and lots of zines and handbills lying around. I wish we had a place like it at home, but everyone’s idea of cappuccino in Leitchfield is that powered stuff you get at gas stations. Oh well.

We ate alfresco at this little Italian place that had great al dente pasta. I had a vegetable/angel hair pomodoro; Beverle had linguini with pesto sauce.

Sunday I was sick, no reflection on the food, and missed church, twice. They have two morning services now. I missed hearing the pastor announcing he’s leaving. He has accepted a position in Florida at a much smaller church. Everything is up in the air as to what is next. The youth praise band will play for the first time this coming Wednesday. Then we lose our drummer the following week. Our youth pastor, Brother Tim will hopefully be the new pastor, but of course we lose a great youth pastor and will have to start over with someone new. So, major shake-ups in our little lives.

Oh, by the way, Beverle said I had to tell you I was just kidding about the bugs in the bananas thing. She’s no fun.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Looking for me?

Trying out something new. Go here

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Going for the Number One Snorting Altoids Google link

Yesterday I watched Kill Bill vol.2, which tied up all the loose ends of the first movie. If you like Samurai or Hong Kong Kung fu films these are a must see.

I also rented Fight Club. Having finished the book recently I wanted to see it again with a different perspective. I only had time to see the first part yesterday, but watching it on my laptop I was able to catch several places were Tyler Durden was inserted on single frame/subliminal shots. Pretty cool.

Youth praise band practice started off very badly, but ended on a hopeful note. That’s in the key of G of course, God’s key. Beverle was sick and not able to be with me and since she carries over half of my sanity inside her, needless to say, I was not all there. J.B. stepped up though and has begun to fill the leadership role we need to make this band gel. Next Wednesday the band will play in Ignite for the first time. Everybody pray.

I’ve got The Hours PVR’d waiting for me after I get off from work today. I know next to nothing about Virginia Woolf, but the movie has great reviews.

Also, as a side note, I’ve been thinking about snorting some Altoids… Actually, I just googled it, ground some up and did it…the effect? I wouldn’t recommend doing it with the cinnamon flavor, but otherwise quite minty. Now I'm trying for the Google Number One Hit for snorting altoids. We all have our dreams, this is mine.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


My favorite cartoon of all time.
Plus this one
and this one
And one for Jesse for his blog-birthday.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Weak end

The weekend had Beverle and I going to Bowling Green for a birthday present for her mom. We also bought some more prego-clothes for Rachel and I bought a book for when I finish reading Fight Club.

Sunday had me skipping church to finish my ATC commitment at Nervousness. Sandpaper was a lot harder to work with than I had hoped. I had big ideas that came up short.
Jason had the guys down for a LAN party Friday night for his birthday. I slept, with earplugs.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Note to self...

Mood: simply happy, not euphoric, (though in comparison to usual..some) elated, or high, just happy.

When the darkness settles in again, and you begin to wonder if this is all there is... it's not, and you aren't crazy.

Your self,

Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Uncle Fester

Yes Jesse, I've shaved my head.