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Monday, August 16, 2004

Google knows my name

It is official, I am the number one link in the world for snorting altoids. My fifteen minutes starts now.

This from a question in the comment section of the earlier post; my snorting altiods faq.

Anonymous said...
I am curious about "snorting Altoids" How do you do it and what is the effect?

9:41 AM
Tim said...
LOL-You grind it up into a fine powder, run it out in a cocaine like line, roll a bill (a twenty is classy) up into a straw and snort it into a pasty ball in the back of your naso-pharynx where it will sit and burn tears into your eyes for a good ten minutes. Then you spend another half hour sniffing and snorting waiting for it to dissolve down the back of your throat. Much more fun than pulling off your own toe-nail with a pair of pliers, which I have also done.

12:36 PM


Blogger Dave said...

is it safe? gosh, I hope so!

hey if that makes you happy, that's great!


10:45 AM  

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