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Monday, August 16, 2004

Over the weekend Beverle and I went shopping for her Mother in Bowling Green. We returned some birthday stuff that didn’t fit. That took all of about thirty minutes.

We ended up in the older part of town in this little park. There was a very nice fountain with benches in a circle around it. We sat and enjoyed the unusually cool weather and clear sky while watching angels spit eternal streams of saliva into the pool at our feet.

We found this really cool coffee shop while strolling around the square. It had that Fraiser/Friends décor, brick interior, sofas, art on the walls, and lots of zines and handbills lying around. I wish we had a place like it at home, but everyone’s idea of cappuccino in Leitchfield is that powered stuff you get at gas stations. Oh well.

We ate alfresco at this little Italian place that had great al dente pasta. I had a vegetable/angel hair pomodoro; Beverle had linguini with pesto sauce.

Sunday I was sick, no reflection on the food, and missed church, twice. They have two morning services now. I missed hearing the pastor announcing he’s leaving. He has accepted a position in Florida at a much smaller church. Everything is up in the air as to what is next. The youth praise band will play for the first time this coming Wednesday. Then we lose our drummer the following week. Our youth pastor, Brother Tim will hopefully be the new pastor, but of course we lose a great youth pastor and will have to start over with someone new. So, major shake-ups in our little lives.

Oh, by the way, Beverle said I had to tell you I was just kidding about the bugs in the bananas thing. She’s no fun.


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Bowling Green is my place of birth.

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